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Restore and Protect Storage Doors
Protect and Restore Metals

Have Your Storage Doors Lost Their Shine?

Restore and Protect Storage Doors

For Storage Door Restoration, we recommend our Everbrite Protective Coating.

Restore and Protect Storage Doors
Restore and Protect Storage Doors
Restore and Protect Storage Doors

Have Your Storage Doors Lost Their Lustre?

Let the Everbrite™ Restoration System "Bring your Doors Back to Life" and Protect them from the sun with strong sunscreen and anti-oxidants. Yes, the sun can fade and chalk-painted metal. Fortunately, faded, dull, chalky painted doors and metal buildings can be restored to look new again. Everbrite™ will restore painted metal to the original colour and lustre and provides strong sunscreen protection for paint.

Faded, dull storage doors, metal buildings and signs are universal problems in the storage industry. Your customers like to rent from well-maintained facilities. When a facility is well maintained, your customers feel safer and more comfortable renting from you.

Everbrite Coating is a clear restoration coating that restores faded metal of any colour. Everbrite Coating is not a paint so there is NO masking or taping necessary. There is NO tricky or complicated mixing. Everbrite™ Coating is ready to apply. Clean the metal completely and apply Everbrite™ to restore the colour and lustre. You can restore your doors or metal buildings yourself.

Everbrite™ is formulated to remain flexible and will not crack or peel like lacquers or automotive coatings. When a door is rolled up, the roll can be as small as 5 inches so any coating used on roll-up doors must remain flexible. Aluminium panels on a metal building will expand and contract with temperature changes. Any coating that does not remain flexible will crack and peel if used on roll-up doors or aluminium panels. Coatings made for short pieces of steel like automotive coatings are not flexible and should not be used for metal buildings or doors.

Everbrite™ newest video shows close-ups of exactly how to clean and restore the finish of chalky metal storage doors. This process can be used on all painted metal surfaces.

Well maintained, clean facilities attract customers. If just one long-term customer goes to the new facility that's moving in down the street, you can lose thousands of dollars.

  • RESTORATION - Everbrite™ will restore your old, faded, dull, chalky doors and metal buildings to look new again and will restore the original colour and shine

  • PROTECTION - Everbrite's strong sunscreens and anti-oxidants protect metal from corrosion, oxidation, acid rain, moisture, rust, chalking, salt corrosion, graffiti and more.

  • LONG LASTING - The original restoration will look great for 5 to 10 years and Everbrite™ can be refreshed and maintained indefinitely.

  • FLEXIBLE - Everbrite™ will expand and contract with metal so it will flex with your roll-up doors - NO peeling - NO chipping - NO cracking - WILL NOT discolour or yellow with age.

  • FREE ESTIMATES For Material Only or for Professional Application.

Splotchy Paint?

Even though your doors are fairly new, do you see light-coloured paint splotches on your doors? What causes these? What can you do to fix them? 

Restore and Protect Storage Doors

The paint on your storage doors is baked on paint and will last for years without fading. When your doors were installed, matching touch-up paint is used to touch up any scratches or blemishes.

Paint that is not baked on will fade more quickly, causing light-coloured splotches on your doors.

Since the paint matched to begin with, Everbrite™ will restore the splotches back to the original colour and style - making your doors match again.

Restore and Protect Storage Doors

To fix splotchy doors, clean the entire door. You can coat the splotchy areas with Everbrite™ Protective Coating.

If you want to test your splotchy doors, clean the area with mild soap and water, rinse well with fresh water and observe the area when wet. The water will replicate the coating to show you what your door will look like without the splotches. (When the door dries, the splotches will re-appear until coated with Everbrite™)

Everbrite™ is a clear restoration coating that restores faded metal of any colour. Everbrite™ is not a paint so there is NO masking or taping necessary. Everbrite™ is self-annealing and will blend to itself so it can be maintained indefinitely. 

One Step Waterless Cleaner

Did you know that using water in inside storage hallways is dangerous? There is An Easy Solution to a Serious Problem.

Most inside self storage units are not waterproof. Water can leak under the walls or doors and damage your customer's goods. If you were to accidentally spill a pail of water in the hallway, you may have some very unhappy customers. Imagine the cardboard boxes on the floor and the contents getting wet and soggy.

Restore and Protect Storage Doors
Restore and Protect Storage Doors


Dust and grimy fingerprints can make your inside doors look dull and dirty. One-Step Waterless Cleaner will clean, shine and protect all in One Step! Just spray it on and wipe it off. The metal does not have to be pre-cleaned. Just spray on One-Step and wipe off dirt and grime while leaving a beautiful shine that repels dirt.

One-Step Waterless Wash and Wax is a cleaner and wax in one - requires no pre-washing. NO WATER! Spray over dirt & grime. A combination of lubricants, cleaning agents and wax will lift the dirt and grime away from the surface without harming the finish. NO SCRATCHING!

  • EASY TO USE - Spray On - Wipe off Dirt and Grime while you Wipe On Shine and Protection.

  • EASY TO MAINTAIN - Surfaces will repel dust and grime and will be much easier to keep clean.

  • ONE-STEP Cleaning and Protection - For Interior Doors, Hallway Systems, Elevators, Lockers, Fiberglass, Gelcoat and more.

  • WATERLESS - No Messy Water in Hallways or Other Areas where water is a problem.

  • Shine your Golf Cart. Remove marks & even graffitti with One-Step.

  • REMOVES: Dirt, Grime, Dust, Fingerprints LEAVES: A clean, shiny surface that repels dust and dirt

  • Available in 2 Formulations.  Higher Shine and Deeper Cleaning.


Pre-wash is not necessary but you may prewash if desired.

  1. Shake can vigorously before each use.

  2. Spray a light coat of Everbrite Waterless Wash and Wax on a small section (2 to 3 sq. ft. area). To remove heavier dirt or oxidation, spray on a heavier coat and let stand for one minute.

  3. Using a terry cloth or microfiber towel, rub surface removing dirt and grime.

  4. Using clean cloth, buff to a showroom shine.

Everbrite One-Step Waterless Wash and Wax can be used to clean and wax any non-porous surface: Paint, Fiberglass, Smooth Plastics, Metal, etc.

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  • Is ProtectaClear® safe on jewellery to be worn on skin?
    Yes, ProtectaClear® is safe on skin and is used by many jewellery designers. ProtectaClear® will protect the copper as well as the skin of the wearer from discolouration. ProtectaClear® is practically invisible and is used on polished copper and even copper with patina on it. ProtectaClear® is tough and scratch resistant, once it is cured.
  • How does ProtectaClear make jewellery hypoallergenic?
    ProtectaClear is painted onto clean jewellery and provides a protective barrier between the metal and sensitive skin. Two coats are recommended on most jewellery to ensure the metal is completely covered so even sensitive skin is protected. ProtectaClear is skin safe once cured. It is thin and completely clear and will not change the look of the jewellery.
  • How is ProtectaClear different than clear nail polish?
    Nail polish is a lacquer and does not have the protective properties of ProtectaClear. ProtectaClear has Anti-Oxidants in it to prevent tarnish as well as protecting skin from allergies. ProtectaClear is skin-safe once it is cured and is much longer lasting than nail polish for protecting jewellery and skin.
  • Can I use ProtectaClear® on my jewellery with Patina?
    Yes, ProtectaClear® will look great with patinas like Liver of Sulfer and other patinas also. Just solvent wipe and apply ProtectaClear® to protect the patina.
  • Can ProtectaClear® be used on Filigree Jewellery?
    Yes, you can dip the jewellery or use an aerosol can of ProtectaClear® to coat filigree jewellery. If the filigree is very tight, you can just blow it gently to break the surface tension of the coating so it adheres to the metal. Some people use canned air to blow out the coating from tiny holes.
  • Can ProtectaClear® be used on Stones or Minerals?
    Yes, ProtectaClear® can be used on stones and minerals and will enhance the look. However, delicate gems like pearls or opals should not be coated with anything. Also, coating soft plastic beads or non-metallic stringing material is not recommended.
  • Can ProtectaClear® be removed from stones or minerals?
    Yes, ProtectaClear® can be removed if necessary with a Q-tip using a solvent such as Xylene.
  • Can ProtectaClear be removed from jewellery?
    Yes, ProtectaClear can be removed if necessary with a Q-tip using a solvent such as xylene or acetone.
  • Can ProtectaClear® ruin my jewellery?
    No, ProtectaClear® is completely reversible. The coating can be soaked off or wiped off with a solvent like xylene or acetone without harming the metal or stones.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Storage Doors

"I would like to thank you folks to referring me to Atlantic Clearcoat to restore my doors here in Lumberton with Everbrite. Matt did an awesome job!! All of my doors look like brand new."

-Les Noble, Noble Self Storage

Restored Storage Doors
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