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Rave Reviews for our Coatings Testimonials

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Aluminum Testimonials

Aluminum Boat

" I purchased ProtectaClear to seal my boat's aluminum pontoons from oxidising after I had cleaned and polished them. Appears to be an excellent product. The sealer is self-leveling, so brush strokes filled in nicely. As recommended, I put on 2 coats and found 1 can was just enough to completely seal both 20' pontoons. Excellent company. Shipped my order out promptly and without issue. Expensive stuff, but if it works as advertised, I'm sold. " -S. Hegland

"Hello, My name is Bruce Westendorf. My wife, Diana, and I own and operate a tour boat business in Savannah, GA. Our boat is a custom welded aluminum (5086 and 6061) jet boat. I put it in the saltwater in March of 2001 and have been battling the spots saltwater makes on the aluminum ever since. In addition, the areas around the cowlings turned a nasty yellow blotched color from the diesel fumes that really looked bad. I have tried an assortment of waxes, all of which work to bring the shine back when enough time is spent, but a day later all of the above conditions are back. You already know the results we have achieved from the application of your product. I am greatly impressed. My transom and gunnels look absolutely beautiful after a full month of exposure to the saltwater and diesel fumes. Simply wash and dry at the end of the day. Life with unpainted aluminum in saltwater is now good. Many thanks." -Bruce

Brass Testimonials

Brass Lamps

"Thanks again for just everything, ProtectaClear and the service! You all were kind enough to send me instructions, ask if I had questions or issues in using your products, extending excellent customer service to me time after time. I’ve attached 2 pictures of projects that ProtectaClear really helped me out with. I think they turned out just beautiful! The candlestick was just an oddly large find in a mountain town antique store, sure as heck didn’t look like that when I first brought it home! The lamp was originally so gross, I had no idea it was actually head to toe brass!  Thanks to ProtectaClear, no one will make that mistake again. Since I bought the product, I’ve ProtectaClear’ed everything in the house I could get my hands on. Your product is just excellent!! It's very easy to use, very forgiving when I messed up, and I couldn’t be happier to have found it. I refurbish old lamps as a hobby and a stress release. Your product takes them to a level I’ve not seen before. I get so many compliments now! I’ve recommended ProtectaClear to everyone who comments on a brass or metal item in my house. The excellent product, coupled with the simply unsurpassed customer service, compelled me to write to you to thank you very much. People should know that when they buy your product, you are really there for them. I couldn’t be happier with your product or your company." ~Susan L., Colorado

"I'm very happy with the results. The finish is perfect, and is exactly what was there. The ProtectaClear did not make the finish very shiny. It looks polished and not at all plastic-y. Thank you!" ~Alexandra C. Berkeley, CA

Bronze Testimonials

Bronze Art

" I have used it on many of my pieces now. Attached is the piece I bought the Protecta Clear for.... I have a website if your interested in seeing other work I am doing that uses your product. As for the application process...all I did was clean the metal and apply with a sponge brush. It went on smooth and the self-leveling was perfect. Dried quickly." -Wendy Gellert

Copper  Testimonials

Copper Sinks

"Here are the results of my sink restoration. It turned out great! Thanks for a great product and all of the guidance!" -M. Crooks

"Well, we can't thank you enough for your great product. For a long time, we had been trying to figure out what to put on our brass sink so it wouldn't tarnish every time water hits it. We came across your website, and decided to try ProtectaClear."


"First of all, your instructions are super easy to follow, and your product is fabulous! Our brass sink is just beautiful and yes, it is staying that way. It is so easy to clean, I just use soap and water. It is hard to believe that the solution to our big problem was so simple. We have told everyone we know about your great product. We thank you so much." ~Priscilla L. Buda, Texas


"I put three coats of ProtectaClear on our brass sink, waiting an hour between coats. I waited five days before I ran water in the sinks. We have three of them. It works great! A fantastic product! Thanks very much." ~Jim C. Polo, Illinois


"After using ProtectaClear, we are thrilled with the outstanding results. The ProtectaClear did exactly what you claimed- it protected our brass sink from water stains. We were about to replace this $800 sink because the maintenance was so tedious but your product saved us the cost and problem of doing that. We had tried everything, nothing worked. Now the decorative sink in our powder room sparkles and is virtually maintenance-free. I do not have to rush in to polish it each time a guest uses it. Thank you for your fantastic customer service and a truly reliable product." ~Barbara and Leigh B.


"I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance in solving my copper sink problem. We have hard water in our area and as soon as we started using the sink, the water left permanent stains, removable only with copper cleaner. So we basically had a beautiful sink that was great to look at, but we couldn't get it wet! I researched and tried a host of different waxes to no avail. I even wrote to the big guys, Krylon and Rustoleum but they had no real solution. The ProtectaClear product really works and the customer service was superior. I felt like you guys were in the gallery cheering me on. Thanks for all your help. Feel free to post this letter on your website- I bet there are a bunch of people out there with the same problem." ~Paul Coller


"Everything worked great! The product did exactly what you said it would do and the sink has been blemish-free for two weeks now. Definitely a record. Definitely did the trick. Thanks to you all at Everbrite." ~Larry Foran


"I put three coats of ProtectaClear on our brass sink, waiting an hour between coats. I waited five days before I ran water in the sinks. We have three of them. It works great! A fantastic product! Thanks very much." ~Jim C.


"For several years I have avoided using my brass vessel sink because it would tarnish so severely. I hated that sink and regretted installing it in the first place even though it looked fantastic when polished. I searched online for a product that could keep the integrity of the polish without having to scrub the sink each time, and found Everbrite! I waivered about getting the kit with the polish because I thought the Barkeepers cleanser product I had been using all these years produced a good shine. Was I wrong! The Maas polish produced a shine and luster I had never seen before on the brass, and the ProtectaClear was extremely easy to apply. I am very, very impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone who would like to revitalize their brass or metal! Thank you Everbrite, I wish I would have gotten your product years ago!" ~ Constance C.


"I ordered ProtectaClear for my copper sink in my bathroom, it did a wonderful job protecting the finish, and now makes the clean-up so easy and quick. Thanks again for a great product." ~ Karen B.

Stainless Steel Testimonials

Stainless Steel Furniture

"We used the Protect-a-Clear and it was so incredibly simple and frankly, after using it on the coffee table (images attached), it really is a breath of fresh air that we found Everbrite, Inc. and the products you all offer. I will be recommending ProtectaClear to all the metal fabricators I know in Kansas City who want an environmentally-friendly, durable, and easy-to-use coating on metal. We have searched for almost 4 years for your product and I feel business will grow if more people know about it who make metal furniture. Our website is if you want to see our work. Finding this product is like Christopher Columbus being handed a GPS system hundreds of years ago. Sounds goofy but that is the impact it will have on our business. Let me know if you have any questions or need any more information and thanks again for your superb customer service." ~Charlie Brown, PK Steel Furniture

"We applied a finishing coat to our Stainless Steel chairs and got the nice smooth we were hoping for. We are very pleased with the product and will be placing an order for more." ~Esteban Aristizabal

Pool Railings

"The stainless steel ladders, starting platforms, diving rails, movable bulkheads started to show signs of surface rust due to chemicals in the air and lack of ventilation or fresh air. The maintenance department was spending 15 to 20 hours a week cleaning stainless only for the surface rust to be back within a week. I thought there must be a better way to keep rust from returning. I got a small amount of ProtectaClear and coated a few ladders on both ends of the pool. After three months still no surface rust to the ladders. After six months ladders still looking like new. The ISD purchased 5 gallons of ProtectaClear on Dec.07. In January 2008, I started to coat on all stainless steel items: 24 starting blocks, 8 ladders,16 flag poles, 1 meter and 3-meter diving rails, 2 bulkheads and 1 handicap lift. It has been well over a year since I coated the stainless steel with ProtectaClear and all the stainless is looking good. This was a good investment for the Mansfield I S D Natatorium." ~James Strauser AFO. Mansfield, TX

Rusted Metal Testimonials

Rusted Metal Bike

"Just wanted to pass along the finished product. I used Everbrite to halt the oxidization on this bike frame. The thing looks great and no more rust on my shorts!" ~Andrew Campbell

Rusted Metal Art

"I finally got my Everbrite project done. We had two "dog sculptures" that were made of metal, rusted, for application. I put them in the garage for a period of time to be sure they were dry, then I wiped them pretty clean and applied a generous coat of Everbrite to them. They look great!" ~Jeff F.

Rusted Metal Cabinet

"I used Everbrite on a recent cabinet project. Customer wanted a Shaker-style cabinet. Wood-framed doors with rusted metal panels. I purchased weldable steel 22 gauge metal and induced rust. The first finish I applied was lacquer. The lacquer decided to peel off two weeks after installation. Happy customer right! Wrong! We worked hard to remove all lacquer off the metal. I researched Everbrite, applied and so far beautiful. His one-of-a-kind cabinets has had many compliments." ~James C.

Rusted Columns

"We used Everbrite to seal some exposed pre-rusted steel columns, and it worked great and they seem to be very well sealed! Thanks."


-Scott E.

Painted Metal Testimonials

Garage Doors

"I can't believe the results. My wife and I moved into our new house in March 2008. We have many expenses and I did not want to change the garage doors and the front entrance right away. The hardware is in great shape but the color has faded. I tried to clean it off but that did not work. I was going to paint them until I saw your website. My wife said that it would never work, but I figured for a few bucks I would take a chance. Check out the PICs. It looks great. I took the before PICs at 7 AM. I took the after PICs the following day also at 7 AM. I need to do a few touch-ups but it still looks great and it was super easy to apply. best regards," ~Robert Nuez

"I must say when you read about things online and how great they work ... I have always been skeptical. But we were desperate to try and save our garage door "looks" because it really took away from the outward appearance of our home. Your product does EVERYTHING it said it would do.... we had family over yesterday and they were very impressed with the results. Thanks again you are correct in feeling proud of your products, Our many thanks to you and your Customer Service is excellent. Please see the attachment as the before and after are awesome!" ~Nora Eaton

"I just finished my doors and I'm so happy with the end results! It took me about 2 hrs, between cleaning, then wiping the chalk off, then finishing, but meanwhile, I had other tasks inside to do! I love the Everbrite system, so easy a nearly 62 yr old grandmother (me) can do it with little physical effort! Directions were clear and easy to follow...what a great product!" ~Mary Croson

"My garage door looks great! Thanks!! It's been a pleasure doing business with your company. "​~Jerry


"Rec'd and finished 2 double garage doors. They look great!" ~Chris Murphy

Jewelry Testimonials

Copper Jewelry

Case Study: This wrapped copper and silver bracelet was coated with ProtectaClear and worn every day by a woman whose skin has always discolored when wearing copper. After 6 weeks of daily wearing, there is no wear on the metal and no darkening or discoloration of the skin.

"I tried ProtectaClear on some earrings and was pretty impressed. Since I sell my earrings, I need something that I know will last. So I used your "ProtectaClear" coating on my earrings. I will say that your product was described on your website as "self-leveling" and it definitely is. The final result comes out pretty nice (IMHO). I like your product & will continue using it. Thanks for developing it - ProtectaClear answered a problem I was having. Cheers." ~Patty S.- Sew Tec

"The larger links are connected at the top by a folded back end. They are shiny and look wonderful. I've used ProtectaClear and am very happy with it. Thanks again for all your help!" ~Nancy Keane

"This is my copper bracelets and I like the way they turned out after coating them. My customers are always asking me if they can expect their skin to turn green after wearing copper. I'm now telling them not to worry."
~Doug Elder

"I did indeed get your product, and it's perfect, as usual. I love this product! Thanks for your great customer service." ~Jenifer

"I dipped my copper pieces this weekend and I am totally pleased as punch with the product. It's clean and the smell is minimal I will spread the word and for sure always have it for myself. It came very quickly too. Great product and thanks for caring about my satisfaction!" ~Pat


"My Protectaclear arrived quickly. I use 2 coats on my handmade hammered copper bracelets to maintain the liver of sulfur patina and also to prevent the wearers' wrists from turning green! I also use it on stacking copper rings and scarf rings that I make. Thanks for providing a product that puts just the right finishing touch on my copper jewelry!" ~Vicki D. Santa Rosa, CA


"I tried the stuff yesterday and it works great. I make copper chains etc. and I just dipped the pieces in and made sure to move it around a bit, so that it wouldn't stick and they look great. I am very pleased that I didn't have to coat each piece and then link them together, this is so much faster. And the finish isn't too glossy or heavy looking, very natural." ~Susan


"I certainly have used ProtectaClear and it seems to be working like a charm! Thank you! I simply have several different pieces of copper jewelry that were becoming tarnished every single time that I wore them. Thanks to your product, I can now wear them every day without worry . . . they look bright and shiny the entire day, every day." ~Molly Zimmerman


"I tested ProtectaClear out on a copper chainmaille bracelet I made. I made two, dipped one wore one with and one without it for a couple of weeks. The one without turned and not in a pretty way thanks to the wonderful not so sunny right now but still hot and humid South Florida weather. The one coated with ProtectaClear is still as bright and shiny as a new penny. I just wrote about ProtectaClear to all my fellow Jewelers in the Yahoo Wire Wrap Jewelry group and have become a die hard fan! I'm going to try it on my silver and other items." ~Michele


"I received my ProtectaClear and it arrived in good condition. It is working well for preventing tarnish on my copper jewelry. Thanks!" ~Debora H.


"Thank you for your follow up. I have used my ProtectaClear on copper jewelry that I have created and it works well in keeping the copper from discoloration. So far, I am pleased as it seems to be working." ~Christine Severson

Hard Plastic Testimonials

General Hard Plastic

"It works— plastic looks new again, thanks." ~William Castellano

Hard Plastic Auto

"For the amount you get it does go a long way. I covered the entire roof all the fender flares and all the factory plastic on the jeep. All in all I like the job it did and have recommended it to at least five people who asked how i got the flares and roof to shine. Thanks for a good product." ~Todd Kennedy


"It restored the faded black trim on my truck perfectly. And it was very easy." ~Allen Hersh

Window Shutters

"I received the product and it works great, brought my faded plastic window shutters back to new again. Love the product. " ~David Taylor

Wood Testimonials

Wood Testimonials

"I have had this bowl now for almost 2 years completed and as you can see from the photos, the copper is still very brilliant and the wood still has a nice gloss finish." ~John Butch

Wood Airplane Propeller

"When I was ten years old an uncle gave me an old wooden airplane propeller. As kids will do, I thought it would be cool to paint it red and green. As I got older I realized the mistake I had made and have been lugging it around with me for fifty-five years hoping someday to refinish it as a décor piece. This day has finally come and after four layers of paint stripper, and a great deal of sanding, it was ready to refinish. Although the wood is done with polyurethane, I wanted something that would be crystal clear and easy to apply to protect and prevent tarnish of the metal leading edge. I'm not sure, but I think it is tin. I chose ProtectaClear and could not be happier with the results! Everyone who sees it thinks it's beautiful. " ~Danny Polleto

Wood Sculpture

"Love the product. Attached the picture of the use on my small 15" aluminum sculpture and also the walnut wood. Amazing and easy to use. Pictures are front and back of the same piece." ~ Jim

We're excited to hear how our coatings have helped you!

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