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How to Restore & Protect Brass from Tarnish

Brass with Class!

Brass décor can bring an interesting twinkle to your home. The warm glow of freshly polished brass is a beautiful accent. Yet, years of oxidation can ruin the beauty of brass surfaces.

Stop constantly polishing your brass and protect it for years to come with ProtectaClear. ProtectaClear is easy to apply and scratch-resistant. You’ll have brass surfaces looking like they did the first day you got them, and this effect is lasting, protecting from dirt and oxidation.

CrobialCoat with Microban technology is a protective coating that not only restores the appearance of your brass but prevents the spread and growth of microbes. 


Prevent Tarnish on Brass Sinks
Protect and Restore Brass
Prevent Brass from Tarnishing
Protect and Restore Brass
Protect and Restore Brass


Restore Brass Bedframes
Restore Brass Baulisters

How to restore a brass bed & keep it looking freshly polished

Brass Beds make beautiful accents to a bedroom. The warm glow of freshly polished brass can add so much to any home. However, as time passes, the brass can become oxidised or the lacquer coating can wear away, leaving the brass spotty. 

Restoring and protecting your brass bed with ProtectaClear or CrobialCoat can breathe new life into your bedroom for years to come. ProtectaClear is an easy to apply, scratch-resistant protective coating that lasts for years. CrobialCoat combines our ProtectaClear coating with Microban technology to reduce the growth of microbes on high-touch surfaces. Both coatings are easy to apply and self-levelling, so they look smooth with little effort. 


  1. Remove any old lacquer or coatings with xylene or lacquer thinner. You can test for old coatings by trying to clean a small area. If the brass can be cleaned with polish, then there is probably no old coating on the brass.

  2. Some people take the bed apart and some people polish it intact. This is a personal preference.

  3. Polish the brass bed with a polish made for brass. Do not use abrasives as brass is very soft and will scratch easily. MIDAS TOUCH Polish cream is an excellent polish and is not acid-based so it does not need neutralising. 

  4. If an acid-based polish like Tarnex is used, the acid must be neutralised with EZ-Prep Cleaner or baking soda and water.

  5. Rinse the neutraliser of the brass with plain water and dry. 

  6. Wipe with a clean solvent like xylene or denatured alcohol (available at hardware stores) to remove any contaminants. 

  7. Apply ProtectaClear®. Two coats are recommended with an hour between coats. For CrobialCoat™, only one coat is needed unless the project is extremely high touch.

  8. Let dry and Enjoy the Beauty.

**Tip: Once you apply ProtectaClear®, let it dry without messing with it. It is self-levelling and will dry to a smooth, even finish if left alone. 


1. If you want to protect your brass while it is still new and shiny, clean any oil or other contaminants from the metal. This can be done by simply wiping the metal with a solvent cleaner like xylene or denatured alcohol which can be purchased at most hardware or paint stores. The solvents will not remove tarnish, patina or dark fingerprints. These will need to be polished off of the surface. ***TIP: Use gloves to handle new brass before it is sealed or you can end up with dark fingerprints on the metal.

2. Once the metal is clean, ProtectaClear® or CrobialCoat™ can be applied by several methods. It can be sprayed on or wiped on the surface with clear-coat applicators, fine brushes, poly-sponge brushes or a pad of lint-free white cloth. Let it dry and enjoy your beautiful brass fixtures, faucets, jewelry, sinks, instruments, and more!


High Touch Brass: 
Brass Beds
Brass Jewellery
Brass Bath Fixtures (like drains)
Brass Chandelier
 Brass Jewellery


When to use 

Brass Cleanliness:
Brass Bathroom Sinks
Brass Kitchen Sinks 
Brass Fixtures
Brass Door Handles


What Our Customers Are Saying About Brass

"Thanks again for just everything, ProtectaClear and the service! You all were kind enough to send me instructions, ask if I had questions or issues in using your products, extending excellent customer service to me time after time. I’ve attached 2 pictures of projects that ProtectaClear really helped me out with. I think they turned out just beautiful! The candlestick was just an oddly large find in a mountain town antique store, sure as heck didn’t look like that when I first brought it home! The lamp was originally so gross, I had no idea it was actually head to toe brass!  Thanks to ProtectaClear, no one will make that mistake again. Since I bought the product, I’ve ProtectaClear’ed everything in the house I could get my hands on. Your product is just excellent!! It's very easy to use, very forgiving when I messed up, and I couldn’t be happier to have found it. I refurbish old lamps as a hobby and a stress release. Your product takes them to a level I’ve not seen before. I get so many compliments now! I’ve recommended ProtectaClear to everyone who comments on a brass or metal item in my house. The excellent product, coupled with the simply unsurpassed customer service, compelled me to write to you to thank you very much. People should know that when they buy your product, you are really there for them. I couldn’t be happier with your product or your company."


-Susan L., Colorado

Restore Brass Home Decor
Restore Brass Home Decor
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