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Restore and Protect Metal
Restore and Protect Metal

Homeowner Applications for our Metal Coatings

Everbrite™ Coatings are ideal for countless items throughout your home.  Explore the endless applications to promote longevity, durability and cleanliness.

Protect Roofs & Gutters
Protect Auto and Marine Surfaces
Prevent Tarnish on Sinks
Protect Art and Sculptures
Protect Kitchen Appliances
Protect Home Decor
Restore and Protect Doors
Protect Backyard Furniture
Restore and Protect Jewelry
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Our Coatings


Everbrite Coating is a tough, clear protective coating that provides protection for metals from salt damage, tarnish, corrosion and protection. Its strong UV Blockers offer extra protection against colour fading on painted, powder-coated and anodised metals. Everbrite will restore the colour and lustre of faded coloured metals and will protect from fading. Seals rusted metal. The finish can be maintained indefinitely.


ProtectaClear is a tough, clear protective coating that provides protection for metal from salt damage, tarnish, corrosion and oxidation. ProtectaClear is formulated for clarity and hardness making it suitable for mirror polished metals, stainless steel and metals that get a lot of use and abuse.


CrobialCoat® with Antimicrobial technology is a clear coating providing protection for most surfaces from environmental damage, while helping to prevent the spread and growth of microbes. Ideal for high touch surfaces where cleanliness matters. Will not wash off. Works 24/7 for the life of the coating.

What is the best coating for my project?

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I was just thrilled with the results. I sell my jewelry with confidence knowing that it will stay beautiful over time"

-Susan M Collet

"Well we have had days and days of rain. Our birdhouse roof is still a beautiful shiny copper. Love the Everbrite."


-Kathy E.

"I love the way the siding on my garage turned out after using Everbrite products!"

-Albert Bissonette

"Your product is amazing. I will be pursuing more projects with this wonderful product!"


-Jeff Wilder 

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