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Restore Aluminum Windowframes
Restore and Protect Metals

To make aluminium surfaces look brand new or stay looking new, use our coatings to protect your surfaces from fading, oxidation and corrosion. Our coatings are easy to apply, scratch-resistant and clear, to make your surface look smooth and shiny. For architectural metal, use Everbrite. For automotive, marine, and highly polished aluminium, use ProtectaClear.


Protect and Restore Wheels
Restore Aluminum Trailers
Restore Aluminum Trailers

Aluminium Damaged by Stucco or Mortar

Prevent Aluminum Corrosion
Restore Aluminum Windowframes

When to use EVERBRITE™

Painted Aluminium
Anodized Aluminium
Powder Coated Aluminium
Cast Aluminium



High Shine Aluminium: 
Automotive Rims and Wheels 
Marine Boat Surfaces
Aluminium Grills
Aluminium Auto Surfaces


When to use 

 Aluminium Cleanliness
Aluminium Handles 
Aluminium Fixtures

Aluminium Appliances


What Our Customers Are Saying About Aluminium

"Hello, My name is Bruce Westendorf. My wife, Diana, and I own and operate a tour boat business in Savannah, GA. Our boat is a custom welded aluminium (5086 and 6061) jet boat. I put it in the salt water in March of 2001 and have been battling the spots salt water makes on the aluminium ever since. In addition, the areas around the cowlings turned a nasty yellow blotched colour from the diesel fumes that really looked bad. I have tried an assortment of waxes, all of which work to bring the shine back when enough time is spent, but a day later all of the above conditions are back. You already know the results we have achieved from the application of your product. I am greatly impressed. My transom and gunnels look absolutely beautiful after a full month of exposure to the salt water and diesel fumes. Simply wash and dry at the end of the day. Life with unpainted aluminium in salt water is now good. Many thanks." 



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