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Restore and Protect Wood
Invisible Protection

How to Restore & Protect Wood Surfaces from Corrosion & Deterioration

Making Wood Good!

Even wood can be victim to deterioration due to the elements. Just like metal, wood can fade and lose its beauty. Don’t let this happen to your wood surfaces— our Everbrite coating will seal wood and restore faded wood. Teak surfaces fade to almost white but Everbrite can restore these to look new again. Everbrite protects against further fading and sun damage for years to come with UV blockers in the formula.

For exotic hardwood items that get a lot of use, use ProtectaClear. ProtectaClear is scratch-resistant, hard, and completely clear to seal carvings, bowls and even wooden eyeglasses.

Beyond environmental protection, we also offer CrobialCoat with antimicrobial properties to help reduce the growth of microbes. 

Protect and Restore Wood
Protect and Restore Wood

Hard woods can be sealed and protected from water damage and sun damage.


Wood sculptures and items made from exotic hardwoods can be sealed and protected with Everbrite Coatings.  Everbrite allows the beauty of the wood to show through while providing excellent protection.  

Before & After

Protect and Restore Wood
Protect and Restore Wood

Restore and seal teak furniture to look new again with Everbrite. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying About Wood

"I have had this bowl now for almost 2 years completed and as you can see from the photos, the copper is still very brilliant and the wood still has a nice gloss finish."

-John Butch

Protect Wooden Bowls
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