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Protect Kitchen Copper
Duburable Kitchen Surface Protection


Protect Kitchen Sinks
Protect Kitchen Sinks

For the best results, our ProtectaClear or CrobialCoat products will save your metal surfaces. 

Do you want to Keep Your Beautiful Stainless, Copper and Brass in your Kitchen Looking Shiny and New? 


Metal counters, sinks, faucets, splashbacks, rangehoods and hardware​ can easily be maintained to prevent fingerprints,  smudges, tarnish and water spots. Copper in a kitchen is gorgeous but can be frustrating to keep up. Stainless steel smudges and attracts fingerprints and spots so easily.  Polishing constantly is frustrating. 


ProtectaClear® is a clear, hard protective coating that is easy to apply but tough enough to protect sinks, countertops, back-splashes and hoods from tarnish, fingerprints, smudges and water spots.  CrobialCoat with Microban® antimicrobial technology has all the properties of ProtectaClear but also helps to prevent the growth of microbes to keep surfaces 99% cleaner 24/7.  The protection does not wash off.  Both ProtectaClear and CrobialCoat are food safe once cured.

Copper, Brass, & Stainless Steel SINKS

Protect Stainless Steel Sinks
Prevent Copper Sink Tarnish
Prevent Tarnish on Brass Sink

Sinks can be one of the most contaminated places in your home. Bacteria from food can grow in sinks, causing stains and odours. Our CrobialCoat with Microban antimicrobial technology not only protects your sink from stains and fading but reduces the growth of microbes and bacteria as well. Protect your sink on all levels with CrobialCoat. CrobialCoat™ adds Microban® antimicrobial product protection to ProtectaClear® for added protection to keep your sinks 99% cleaner for the life of the coating. Dries quickly, leaving your copper or brass looking just polished and new. Seal sinks with patina to protect the beautiful colour of your sink.

Copper or brass sinks are gorgeous but can be frustrating to keep up. Stainless steel can also discolour and spot. Water spots can be a real problem and take away from the beauty of the metal. Polishing every time you use the sink is not a good option. Sinks with patinas look great but any acid will spot the dark copper and create bright spots that don't blend in. ProtectaClear® has been used for years to protect sinks and other metal but now is available with a strong antimicrobial to help protect from bacteria that cause stains and odours. ProtectaClear® is still available but CrobialCoat™ is highly recommended for additional protection.

Stop tarnish and oxidation and Enjoy the Beauty while knowing your sinks remain 99% cleaner. This copper sink has been coated with ProtectaClear® to prevent tarnish and waterspotting. We recommend ProtectaClear® for high touch surfaces, or CrobialCoat™ when sanitization is something you'd like in addition to metal protection.


Protect Copper Kitchen Hoods

These copper hoods are coated to prevent tarnish, spots and smudges. We recommend ProtectaClear for long term protection of copper or stainless hoods in both residential and commercial kitchens. 


Protect Copper Backsplash

ProtectaClear® is a clear, tough, protective coating that is practically invisible and is tough enough to protect sinks, counter-tops, back-splashes and hoods. Dries quickly, leaving your kitchen looking pristine and easy to care for.  CrobialCoat™ is also great for kitchen surfaces as it reduces microbes.  Both ProtectaClear and CrobialCoat are food safe once cured.


Protect Copper Countertops

These copper counters are coated to prevent tarnish, waterspots and frustration. We recommend ProtectaClear® for high touch copper. We recommend CrobialCoat for high touch copper that needs to be protected from tarnish, fingerprints and also to help prevent the growth of microbes.


Protection for Bath Fixtures

Use CrobialCoat to restore the finish of old bath fixtures and protect both old and new fixtures from tarnish and waterspots.  CrobialCoat will also keep bath fixtures 99% cleaner by reducing the growth of microbes.


Protection for Kitchen Appliances

Polishing the metal in your kitchen constantly is frustrating. Stainless Steel gets smudges and fingerprints. ProtectaClear® is a clear, tough, protective coating that is easy to apply but is tough enough to protect all the metal in your kitchen. Food safe when cured. Dries quickly, leaving the metal in your kitchen looking just polished and new. Easy to apply and maintain. CrobialCoat™  can be used on high touch surfaces to reduce the growth of microbes.


High Touch Surfaces
Highly Polished Metals
Mirror Polished Metals
Stainless Steel

When to use 

High Touch Surfaces where cleanliness matters
Surfaces that need antimicrobial protection


What Our Customers Are Saying About Kitchen & Bath

"We moved into our new home last December. I had purchased an expensive white bronze sink for the powder room. My excitement over finding the perfect vessel sink was quickly quelled by the very nature of white bronze. Every time you used used it it looked horrible with spots and tarnishing. Despite our whole house water filtration system and trying various hand soaps, I was faced with cleaning and polishing the sink every week. Looking for a solution, I came across your ‘ProtectaClear’ product on the internet. Intimidated by what I thought would be a involved job, it took me 6 months before I tried it. What did I have to lose? It was either that or replace the sink and use this beautiful sculptural element in the garden for a planter. I followed the easy instructions, applying two coats and letting it cure a week while we were out of town. What a miracle! I cannot get over living with the frustrations for so many months when now all I do is wipe it down with Windex once a week. It used to take 20 minutes or more and a lot of rags and elbow grease to clean the sink. Now, just 5 seconds! I cannot express how grateful I am to have found your product. Thank you!!! P.S. I wish I had taken ‘before’ pictures to truly illustrate how exceptional your product is."


-Marilyn Paderewski Sarasota, FL

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