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Restore and Protect Metal
Restore and Protect Metal

Protect Backyard Furniture & Metal From Corrosion, Fading & Tarnish

Restore and Protect Metal Surfaces
Restore and Protect Metal Surfaces
Restore and Protect Metal Surfaces

For these surfaces, we recommend all three of our coatings based on the metal or application.

Backyard Applications 

Pool railings & ladders | Patio Furniture | Outdoor Lighting | Metal Fixtures | Metal Grill | Metal Fireplaces | Garden Art

Restore and Protect Pool Railings
Restore and Protect Metal Surfaces
Restore and Protect Outdoor Furniture


Protect your New Stainless Steel Barbeque from fingerprints, smudges, rust and corrosion. ProtectaClear® and CrobialCoat™  are tough and durable, clear and practically invisible coatings that will keep your stainless looking great. 

Restore and Protect Grills
Restore Outdoor Furniture
Protect Outdoor Furniture


Protect metal and teak patio furniture from the sun's weathering with Everbrite. Everbrite has UV blockers and antioxidants to seal and protect surfaces from wear and tear from weather, while restoring the look of your patio furniture. 

Restore Metal Furniture
Protect Metal Furniture
Restore Metal Furniture
Protect Metal Furniture


You just bought some beautiful copper garden art and love the warm accent in your garden. If it is not protected, the copper will weather. Copper garden art is a beautiful accent to your property. You love the warm glow of the metal. But, how do you keep the copper and brass from tarnishing or weathering? Everbrite™ Coatings are clear, protective coatings that will keep your copper looking new and will prevent weathering.

Everbrite™ and ProtectaClear® Coatings will prevent tarnish and corrosion on brass and copper. Stop tarnish on your copper garden art, copper fountains and more. Stop tarnish and oxidation and Enjoy the Beauty.

Restore and Protect Statues


Restore and Protect Pool Railings
Restore and Protect Pool Railings

Protect Stainless Steel from corrosion - even around Pools, Salt and Chlorines.


Make your Stainless Steel easy to keep clean, Stop Corrosion and Rust, Prevent fingerprints and smudges too.

The Stainless Steel in both pictures below was cleaned at the same time in June, 2007. The stainless steel on the left was left unprotected and the stainless on the right was protected with ProtectaClear®. This stainless steel is in the Natatorium in Mansfield, TX and is less than a year old in this picture. The chemicals are taking their toll on the unprotected stainless steel but the stainless steel rails protected with ProtectaClear® looks new. ProtectaClear™ kept the stainless steel looking new and after 5 years, it was recoated to protect the stainless for additional years. The Mansfield Natatorium is now protecting all the stainless steel railings, bulkheads, starting blocks and other metal from the corrosion from the pool chemicals.

It is a misconception that stainless steel is stainless. The term "stainless" implies a resistance to staining, rusting and pitting. Stainless steel generally has a higher resistance to the effects of exposure but will still be affected by the elements.

ProtectaClear® or CrobialCoat™  are one-part, easy to apply, clear protective coatings that will keep your stainless steel looking new, even around corrosive agents like salts, pool chemicals and chlorines. ProtectaClear® or CrobialCoat™  is applied by simply wiping it onto the clean stainless steel with a clear coat applicator. ProtectaClear® and CrobialCoat™  keep the stainless looking very natural looking and does not look or feel like a thick plastic coating. Watch a VIDEO to see just how easy it is to apply. ProtectaClear® and CrobialCoat™  are tough, durable and highly resistant to salts & chlorines. 

When to use EVERBRITE™

Outdoor Sculptures
Anodised Metals
Painted Metals



High Touch Surfaces
Mirror-Polished Metals
Highly polished metals
Metals around pools or oceans


When to use 

High Touch Surfaces where Cleanliness matters
Surfaces that need antimicrobial protection


What Our Customers Are Saying About Backyard

"So far so good. We put it on our grill and it looks great!"

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