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Invisible Protection

Protect High-Touch Surfaces 24/7 from Growth of Microbes, Tarnish & Fingerprints. Easy to Wipe-On Clear Coating.

Keeps surfaces 99% cleaner 24/7 for years. Durable - Will Not Wash Off


CrobialCoat® with  Antimicrobial technology is a durable, clear protective coating which provides invisible protection for visible cleanliness.  The coating offers clear coat environmental corrosion protection coupled with highly desired microbial control.  The coating’s built-in  Antimicrobial technology offers an added level of protection to help inhibit the growth of mould, mildew and odour causing microbes.  

CrobialCoat® is our most durable and scratch resistant coating, and ideal for high touch surfaces where cleanliness matters, it combines the tough protection of ProtectaClear® with the antimicrobial product protection of , keeping coated surfaces 99% cleaner by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and microbes, while protecting metals, ceramics, hard plastics and hardwoods. 

  • Combines ProtectaClear® with Antimicrobial technology to help reduce bacteria and microbe buildup on surfaces 24/7. 

  • Will not wash off - lasts for the life of the coating

  • Highly salt resistant for marine and ocean environments

  • Excellent adhesion even on highly polished metals 

  • Save time and money for cleaning public areas

  • Reduces odours caused by bacteria buildup

Explore a sample of projects ideal for CrobialCoat

Hospitals | Schools | Hotels | Restaurants | Airports | Supermarkets | Malls | Offices | Reception Areas | Gyms and Spas 
Bathrooms | Stadiums | Public Transport | Nursing Homes | Cruise Ships | Residential


Protection that lives on
Antimicrobial Technology

Lab studies have proven CrobialCoat to significantly reduce the growth of microbes and help surfaces stay 99% cleaner than unprotected surfaces.  This effectiveness will last the life of the coating, as Antimicrobial technology is built into the coating and will not wash off. 

Unprotected surfaces can breed odour-causing bacteria, which can double in number every 20 minutes. This can cause the development of stains, unpleasant odours and bacteria which impacts the aesthetics, durability and cleanliness of a surface. In many circumstances, once microbes have begun to proliferate on a surface, constant cleaning is required to keep growth under control.  Constant cleaning may not be the most reasonable or economic solution.  CrobialCoat® is the solution for durable corrosion and microbial protection. 

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Recognizing that the ability to clean constantly is unreasonable in most environments, the best weapon against microbial growth is antimicrobial coating with built-in protection.

Applications for CrobialCoat®

Door knobs/handles | Light switches | Handicap access push plates | Railings | Turnstiles | Sinks | Faucets | Elevators | Button Panels | Lockers | Bathroom Hardware | Kitchen Hardware | Bathroom Stalls | Counters | High Touch Surfaces


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How Much Do I Need?

We recommend one coat per application
(some projects in high use cases may need 2 coats)

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I was just thrilled with the results. I sell my jewelry with confidence knowing that it will stay beautiful over time"

-Susan M Collet

"Well we have had days and days of rain. Our birdhouse roof is still a beautiful shiny copper. Love the Everbrite."


-Kathy E.

"I love the way the siding on my garage turned out after using Everbrite products!"

-Albert Bissonette

"Your product is amazing. I will be pursuing more projects with this wonderful product!"


-Jeff Wilder 

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