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Restore and Protect Storage Doors
Restore and Protect Metal

ProtectaClear 940 ml Kit with 110 gm Polish.


Large kit for metal projects that need polishing and protection from tarnish.


Suitable for highly polished copper or brass jewellery, Stainless Steel,Aluminium, Wheels , Door handles and more.


ProtectClear is the perfect solution!!


ProtectaClear has an impermeable finish that provides outstanding protection against damage.

ProtectaClear is completely clear and will allow the beauty of your polished metal to shine through.

Coverage approx 20 square metres.


Kit Includes:


940 ml of ProtectaClear.

110 gm of Midas Touch  Polish.

Microfibre Cloth.

Applicator Pad.

Gloves and written instructions.


NOT INCLUDED: Solvent for final wipe. Xylene or Acetone are recommended.

ProtectaClear can be removed with these.

ProtectaClear 940 ml Kit with 110gm Polish

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