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Restore and Protect Storage Doors
Restore and Protect Metal

Product Details:


Everbrite 940 ml Kit with Metal Polish is great for projects that need to be polished and then protected. For use on weathervanes, copper deck caps, garden art, and other metal projects that need polishing & protection from tarnish.


  • 940 ml of Everbrite Coating - Coverage approx 20 square metres with one coat. Most surfaces require 2 coats for long-term results. 
  • Midas Touch 140 gm Polish
  • Microfibre  Cloth
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Complete Written Instructions

Everbrite will keep polished metal looking freshly polished for years and can be maintained indefinitely. Can be easily removed and re-applied.  Everbrite is self-leveling and can be applied by dipping, spraying, or wiping the coating on. Everbrite will remain flexible and will not yellow or discolour with age.

Midas Poilshes are not acid-based so NO neutralizing is necessary.

NOT INCLUDED- solvent for the final wipe (xylene or denatured alcohol). We cannot ship the solvent but it can be found at most hardware stores.

Everbrite Kit 940 ml with Polish

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