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Restore and Protect Storage Doors
Restore and Protect Metal

Everbrite 110 ml Kit


Restore the colour and lustre of faded, chalky or dull painted metal or anodised Aluminium to look new again and protect from sun, salt damage and fading.


Coverage: Approx 2  square metres with one coat.

( 2 coats recommended for most projects for long-lasting results)


Everbrite is a clear, protective coating that will restore the original colour and lustre of chalky, dull or faded siding and painted or anodised metals. Everbrite will also protect metal from fading, corrosion, colour loss and oxidation. Everbrite will stop copper, brass or bronze from tarnishing or oxidising. All anodised aluminium, powder-coated, or painted surfaces will fade and chalk over time from sun damage. Once they are cleaned, Everbrite will restore the finish and protect the metal from fading again for years. Plus, you can reapply it easily to continue protection indefinitely. An Everbrite 110 ml Kit is a great way to try Everbrite or for smaller projects like window frames, weathervanes, statues, small copper roofs, painted metals, or architectural anodised aluminium and more.


When you order your Everbrite 110 ml Kit, you get:


  • 110 ml of Everbrite Protective Coating.
  • 110 ml of EZ- Prep Concentrated Cleaner & Neutraliser.
  • Prep Pad
  • Microfibre Cloth 
  • Applicator
  • Gloves and Complete written instructions on application & use.


NOT included: Metal Polish or solvents for the final wipe on unpainted metal.

Everbrite 110 ml Kit

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