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How to Use the Copper Cleaner


If cleaning exterior copper, the gel works best between 18°-29°C, avoiding direct sunlight.
Washing the copper roof first with a mild degreasing soap (like Dawn dishwashing liquid) will help the gel work better. If mold is present, a 20% bleach to water solution can be used to remove the mold before using the gel.

Test the surface first: Determine if the copper has a previously applied coating on it by testing a small area with the HD Gel Copper Cleaner. Put a small amount on the surface of the copper (about the size of a drink coaster). Wait 15-30 minutes then wipe the gel off with a cloth. If the tarnish did not change at all, there is most likely some type of coating on the surface. Any coating must be removed in order for the gel to work. You can remove previous coatings by sanding (using a 1⁄4 sheet vibrating palm sander) or with a stripper or solvent like xylene or lacquer thinner.


  1. Liberally brush (you can use a bbq or chip brush) the gel onto the copper – about the thickness of thick

    paint. If thinner Gel is desired, a small amount of water can be mixed into the gel to thin it.

  2. Be patient- the process can take time. The gel is not extremely aggressive but is highly effective with time. For heavily tarnished copper, you may need to leave it on the copper for up to 3-5 hours or more. If the Gel starts to dry up, mist with water (use a spray bottle) or dip brush in water and agitate on the surface. The gel will become ineffective if allowed to dry.

  3. After about 30 minutes, check a few areas with the enclosed gray scrubber pad to determine if the tarnish has “melted” enough to scrub it off. If the tarnish is still hard to remove, leave Gel on for additional time checking every hour.***IF YOUR COPPER IS NEW- DO NOT SCRUB, WIPE WITH A SOFT CLOTH.

  4. When the tarnish has been loosened, thoroughly scrub the copper (one section at a time) with a no-scratch scrub pad, going in the direction of the copper grain (usually vertically) to prevent scratching or swirl marks.

  5. Remove the gel & dark residue with cloth or paper towels. Neutralise immediately! NEUTRALISE

  6. Mix the EZ-PrepTM Neutraliser with 4 parts water OR mix 240ml of baking soda with 3.8L of water. Rinse the copper one section at a time) with this solution using a sponge or cloth. Make sure the surface is thoroughly neutralised.

  7. After neutralising, rinse well with plain water and towel dry. (If your water has high mineral content, it can affect the clean copper. It is recommended to test your water on a small area first to determine if it affects the copper before washing the entire area. You can use distilled water instead to rinse the copper).


  8. The Copper Cleaner Gel will remove the tarnish from copper but will not polish it. If a higher sheen is desired, polish with a good copper polish. We do not recommend polishing copper roofs, because they are rough copper and polishing will not work well. If a higher shine is desired on a copper roof, you can mechanically sand/buff the copper to bring out more reflectivity. If the copper has too pink of a tone for your liking, Brasso is an excellent polish to restore a more copper tone.


  9. Now that you have spent so much time and effort cleaning your copper, you can protect it with 2-3 coats Everbrite protective coating to keep your copper shiny for years to come. Follow the Unpainted Metal instructions starting with the Solvent Wipe step.

  10. NOTE: Everbrite HD Copper Cleaner Gel is a mild acid based product. Always use personal protection, eyewear & gloves. Everbrite HD Copper Cleaner Gel is biodegradable and “green” and will not harm plants. It does not have preservatives and does not have an indefinite shelf life, please see suggested use by date on container. If the Gel gets thick, thin with water.

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