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Restore and Protect Metal
Restore and Protect Metal Surfaces

How to Refurbish Oxidized Aluminium

Anodised aluminium extrusions can fade and oxidise. Anodised aluminium can get ugly pits from salt corrosion if located near the ocean. Even new anodised aluminium can be ruined by stucco or mortar on new buildings. Powder-Coated or painted aluminium window frames will also need to be restored because they fade and chalk.

Everbrite™ and ProtectaClear® are clear protective coatings that will restore the colour and finish on dull and faded anodised aluminium and will protect them from oxidation, corrosion and other damaging elements. This procedure can also be used to refurbish and protect the aluminium curtain wall. ProtectaClear® is recommended for highly polished aluminium, mirror-finished aluminium, anodized aluminium wheels or automotive parts.

How-To Refurbish Oxidised, Faded or Stained Anodised Aluminium,
Powder-coated Aluminium or Painted Aluminium.

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Anodised aluminium extrusions can fade and oxidise. Aluminium can get ugly pits from salt corrosion if located near the ocean. Faded or chalky window frames or aluminium joinery can ruin the appearance of your home or building.

Everbrite™ is a clear protective coating that will restore the colour and lustre on dull, faded or stained aluminium and will protect from oxidation, corrosion, salts and other damaging elements. This procedure can also be used to refurbish faded or oxidised aluminium curtain wall, patio furniture, window frames, storefronts or other oxidised aluminium.


  1. Use an approved scrubber pad. Prep Pads are available from Everbrite™, Inc. and are included with your Aluminium Restoration Kit. A blue or white ScotchBrite pad can also be used.

  2. Rinse the aluminium with water.

  3. Use the Prep Pad and diluted EZ-Prep solution to scrub gently with the grain to remove chalk, oxidation, dirt and any mould etc.

  4. Rinse with fresh water until the water sheets off of the metal. Do NOT let the cleaner dry on the surface, it will be more difficult to remove. How the aluminium looks when it is clean and wet is how it will look once it is coated so if you see streaking or areas that are not clean – STOP and re-clean. Do not coat over oxidation or dirt.

  5. Wipe dry with a microfibre cloth. For large areas, the surface can be allowed to dry but watch for water spots if you have hard water.

  6. Check to ensure that the metal is completely clean and dry before coating.

Coating Application

Do not apply the coating if the metal is hot or in the direct sun over 35 degrees c. Metal in the shade is normally not too hot.

Materials needed:

  • Everbrite™ protective coating.

  • Applicator- clear-coat applicator (included with your kit) or a soft paintbrush that is solvent rated.

  • Metal Application pan- a metal paint pan or disposable mini loaf pans work well.

  • Personal Protection: Nitrile or chemical protective gloves to protect your hands. (Rubber gloves will get sticky)

  1. Pour a small amount of Everbrite™ into a clean, dry metal container. Do not use plastic. DO NOT DILUTE EVERBRITE™ COATINGS WITH ANYTHING ELSE.

  2. Dip the applicator pad into the Everbrite™. The applicator should be completely wet but should not be dripping.

  3. Apply the Everbrite™ to the surface, letting the applicator glide across the surface. Do NOT press hard. The applicator should glide smoothly, when it starts sticking, dip the applicator in Everbrite™ again. If you get drips or runs on the surface, simply wipe them out with your applicator before the coating dries.

  4. Once you apply the coating, leave it alone and let the coating dry. It will self-level as it dries. The coating will dry to touch in about 15-40 minutes depending on the temperature & humidity.

  5. Any missed areas or thin areas can be touched up after the coating is dry to touch. Don’t try to fix the coating as it dries, let it dry and then reapply.

  6. ***If you see streaks, it is generally caused by not having the coating evenly distributed throughout the applicator or by pressing too hard and not leaving enough coating on the surface.


Everbrite™ will renew the colour and finish of any colour aluminium very effectively. In high-use areas or for highly polished marine or automotive anodised aluminium, use ProtectaClear® Coating which is more scratch-resistant.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I was just thrilled with the results. I sell my jewellery with confidence knowing that it will stay beautiful over time"

-Susan M Collet

"Well we have had days and days of rain. Our birdhouse roof is still a beautiful shiny copper. Love the Everbrite."


-Kathy E.

"I love the way the panelling on my garage turned out after using Everbrite products!"

-Albert Bissonette

"Your product is amazing. I will be pursuing more projects with this wonderful product!"


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